Millennials We need to Talk!

By: Ginger Davis & Tamara Alexander

Since sharing the Banyon Hill Publishing article on our social media about the investment practice of the millennial generation, or the lack thereof as the article suggested. We have made it a point to seek out millennials to talk about stuff.

Got to tell you my heart broke just a little.

There is such disconnect between many young adults 22 to 33-years of age. At least the ones that we’ve been speaking to lately. I take for granted the relationship that my family has with its children. We encourage and initiate open conversations with our infants and especially with the teens and young adults. I will admit that there have been times that the elders were not always on point and made comments or judgments that were out of turn because they did not understand current social norms. However, in this instance, there were other adults on hand to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and remind both generations that respect, consideration, and love should prevail in all communications.

An event I went to one evening reminded me of the devastation of the 1980s crack epidemic. There were young men and women there that were not gifted with a nuclear family. They did not grow up feeling loved, secure or encouraged. Their pain was palpable. At the end of the evening, I doled out a lot of hugs and made promises I intend to keep.

One young man, age 33, make the biggest impression on me. He was able to work through his hurt, anger, and disappointment to come to an understanding about his parents, family, even the community he grew up in that is beyond amazing. He got extra hugs and my respect. He is someone that I plan on keeping by my side and involving in the community work that we do.


This man held me to the task. At the end of the evening, we continued to talk (till 3 a.m.) about society, millennials vs. boomers, gen next, and community. I consciously try to speak with inclusive language and filter the words I use for each setting I’m in. He made we aware that some things I said diminished or contradicted what I think needs to happen in today’s society. I think we need to become more communal,” I said. He replied; “…after what you experienced tonight, do you not think this, we are communal?” Bazinga! He got me on that, and the whole pants below the waist thing…that is a story for another time.

Our Data Man David, COO of UNTOLD Story, a millennial. Have rousting conversations about our evolving lexicon, the new societal norms and the next generation coming up. He tries his best to get me to understand and be patient with things I think are Bull Shit. Between David and my new millennial advisor, I am confident that step into any setting with people under thirty-five and be able to have exchanges that are mutually benefited.

I look forward to many more engaging conversations. Building deeper understanding and to being a resource to our youth, as older adults have sucked tremendously in this area for a while. I grew up a little more this past week and have a different outlook on the future of this city and country.

If you haven’t done it lately. Go for a walk, say hello to some young people and chat with them for a while. Do more listening than talking and assess what you have learned from them. I challenge you even to use what they teach you and share it with the rest of us.

We will keep you posted on our development as a communal organization and the gifts we receive from its future leaders.

P.S. This is an open invitation to any of you 13-years of age and older who want to join in on our conversations. Visit us on IG & FB @UNTOLDStoryMedia, Twitter UNTOLD Story

Ginger Davis is the author of an upcoming published book and managing partner of UNTOLD Story LLC, a media production company based in Brooklyn, NY.

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